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Performances Par Excellence

Dr. Covington

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Welcome to Performances Par Excellence. Dr. Covington is an Oxford-educated, highly knowledgeable and experienced cultural historian of art, music, film, dance, and theatre, as well as a classically trained stage actor and all-around entertainer.  He is a refreshingly innovative, enlightening, and engagingly dynamic educator, actor, and entertainer of the most creative kind – one who loves both his craft and his audience – who consistently delivers a show in true “that’s entertainment” style.  He deliberately steps outside the proverbial box, breaking down barriers and successfully injecting spontaneity, wit, and warmth into each and every lecture performance.  His audiences clearly admire his flair, expertise, and unique ability to combine the joy of learning with the joy of living.

Performances Par Excellence

His extensive and well-developed repertoire encompasses a wide and varied range of over 140 topic offerings – historical, artistic, musical, and cultural – each and every one fresh, fun, informative, entertaining, and memorable!  Dr. Covington’s unique concept of learning, which successfully combines his abilities as an educator, actor, and entertainer, has been welcomed with eagerness and appreciation throughout the many cultural and educational venues in which he has performed.

Dr. Covington is also a world traveler, adventurer, and a former avid mountaineer.  His ability to incorporate his first-hand experiences into his lecture performances serves to both enlighten and enthrall his audiences. 

As a successful educator, actor, and entertainer under his flagship, Performances Par Excellence, Dr. Covington continues to sail boldly into a future bright with promise.  He delights in the opportunity to share his unique concept of combining lifelong learning with entertainment that will educate, stimulate, and inspire his audiences today and tomorrow!

Mission Statement

It is the express mission of Dr. Covington and Performances Par Excellence to provide the highest quality personal enrichment programs that are altogether entertaining, educational, and exciting excursions into the world of learning and new discoveries ~ from 1st person living biographies to historical, literary, musical, song, dance, and comedy performances.  Dr. Covington’s presentations are always fresh, always fun and exciting, and uniquely different!  As a lifelong learner and seeker of knowledge, Dr. Covington’s educational philosophy is two-fold:  that a life of learning is a life well-lived, and the simple, yet inspiring fact that there is no real value in knowledge and learning until it can be shared with others.

Characters on Call


Historical Impersonations

Characters-on-Call – Historical Impersonations from the Pages of History (presented in authentic period costume)


Great Classical Composers

Classical Music Delights from the Greatest Classical Composers and Opera Stars

Classical composers

Hollywood legends

Hollywood Legends

Presentations of the Greatest Hollywood Legends of Song & Dance & Comedy


Holiday/Patriotic Presentations

Festive Holiday & Patriotic Presentations

Holiday Patriotic Presentations



History Alive! / Adult Education

The Signature History Alive! /Adult Education Lecture Performances